David “The Rock” Nelson Basement of Bloody Horror!!

Welcome to the BASEMENT of BLOODY HORROR!!

He’s been called:rock_box01

“The Ed Wood of the ’90s – and beyond!”
“America’s Two-Fisted Filmmaker!”
“Hey, you! Turn off that camera!”

David “The Rock” Nelson makes monster movies. He makes the cheapest, most poorly acted and ineptly directed monster movies ever made, shooting them on videotape and editing them on an editing bay that consists of two VCRs, his camera, and a Radio Shack f/x box. If you run into him in a bar, chances are you may find yourself in one of his movies – he can’t afford to pay anyone, so whoever he can get in front of his camera becomes a star.

Here’s how our Fearless Leader sees Mr. Nelson:


The Ed Wood of the Next Millennium?I met David “The Rock” Nelson over Three Mile Island chicken wings at Hooters in Chicago. Every time I meet with him, someone always shows up from the boxing world to say hello – he was a Golden Glove boxer from 1976 to 1991. Today is no exception, as I meet lightweight boxing champion Johnny Lira who is preparing to go to Manchuria for three months to search for Genghis Khan’s treasure with some arch-eologists!

For the Rock, it had been a busy year. Local Fox 32 morning show, Fox Thing in the Morning, has ran scenes from his films CONRAD BROOKS VS. WEREWOLF, MUMMY A.D. 1993, etc. Newspapers have covered his story. National horror zines have either been very confused, liked his films, or trashed them. A nationally-syndicated public access show is doing a soap opera based on the Rocks’ feud with Draculina publisher Hugh Gallagher. His films, made on video and shot in local areas featuring his friends, have received a lot of attention.

He met Conrad Brooks, an actor who worked with Ed Wood, and went to Baltimore to shoot his film with Conrad and his brothers, all of whom knew or worked with Ed Wood. For $15.95, you get the video which includes interviews with the Brooks crew on Wood, trailers from Rocks’ other films, and the movie. That’s a lot of stuff. I watched the reel with a room full of people and everyone laughed and had a good time.

Is The Rock the Ed Wood of the 90’s? Well, he makes his films with his friends, he has no budget, often working with no script, and his work is best watched intoxicated with a room full of people. I say yes.

Michael Flores


As for myself, I see Nelson as a true artist who challenges us to reassess our concepts of “good” and “bad”. His films are much like school plays, or car wrecks. They can’t be judged by performance alone, but rather for their innate (and inane) entertainment value. I once went to a party where the host started telling everyone about this incredibly horrible movie he bought. He put it in the VCR and everyone started watching Nelson’s Vampire Woman. Though everyone agreed that the film was indeed awful, two hours later the shocked and appalled audience was still there. Many were even tempted to stick around for part two!

When Nelson is a guest on on radio or television talk shows, he could be accused of being a horrible guest – he’s easily distracted, won’t stay on topic, interrupts the host, upsets the furniture – howevrock_stampser, he always wins over the audience and they can’t get enough of him.

With this special section of the site, we hope to spread the word about Rocky’s unique and bizarre backyard masterpieces and share his horrifying talent with psychotronic fans everywhere. We’ll be adding more reviews and features (maybe even an interview with “The Rock” himself if we can keep him shackled long enough), so check back often.

Brian Thomas, PMS

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