The Psychotronic YouTube Channel – More than 800 trailers and more!

David “The Rock” Nelson’s Basement of Bloody Horror – A longtime loyal member of the Psychotronic Film Society, Rocky is perhaps the most prolific and dedicated ‘backyard’ horror film auteurs who has ever lived. Feel his kung fu in this special subsite.
For more on Rocky, don’t miss the documentary Can’t Stop “The Rock”.

Washington Psychotronic Film Society Our Washington, DC-based cohorts in B-movie crime, also have a cool site.

Twin Cities Psychotronic Film Society – Land of 1000 Lakes and trashfilms.

Savannah Psychotronic Film Society – Sponsors weird film events down south.

B-Fest – 24 hours of psychotronic madness incarnate annually.

Something Weird Video – Lives up to it’s name a thousand times over. Accidental archivist Mike Vraney provides a true service to hu-manity by rescuing long lost grindhouse movies and putting them on videotape for posterity (quality is no object).

The Church of the SubGenius – The most graphic packed SubGenius site on the Web. Hilarious!

Svengoolie – Long-running Chicagoland TV horror host.

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  1. Michael DiCerto says:

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  2. Mike K says:


    I have a movie coming out in Chicago March 24th at the Patio Theater. “Shred America” tells the story of four friends who skateboarded and biked 950 miles from Chicago to NYC.

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    Mike K

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