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Goodbye Tura Satana

Official press obits and fan reaction to the death of psychotronic icon Tura Satana flew all over the internet this weekend, including on our Facebook page. Satana died Friday night of heart failure in Reno, NV, according to her manager. … Continue reading

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Coffin Joe returns!

After 40 years, Brazilian filmmaker Jose Mojica Marins returned to the horror character that made him an icon in his own country – and a cult legend throughout the world decades later. In Embodiment of Evil, Marins brought back Coffin … Continue reading

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The Corpse Streamers

Ted V. Mikels, the auteur behind such psychotronic classics as Astro-Zombies and The Corpse Grinders, announced that many of his films are now available to watch online for $2.99 each. For details and a list of what’s available, go to … Continue reading

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New psychotronic releases coming from VCI

VCI has announced a 2/1/2011 release date for several psychotronic titles on DVD. They’ll be serving up the rare film noir thriller The Prowler, a Precode Hollywood Double Feature of Hell Harbor and Jungle Bride, and a big 12-flick set … Continue reading

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Sorry for the post-Halloween slowdown – been upgrading our workstation and doing general clean-up chores. Will be making it up to you soon.

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Psychotronic goes Wild in Chicago Chicago PBS station WTTW had a popular show for years called Wild Chicago featuring visits to outre locations and personalities. Here’s a clip from the early 1990s on the Psychotronic Film Society.

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Review Archive: Gimme an A

Our original plan for the site reincarnation was to port over all the content from the old website as draft entries before publishing everything at once on ‘soft launch’ day, to be tweaked a bit before a big official public … Continue reading

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B-Fest 2011 dates announced

The folks at A&O Productions have officially announced the dates for the next B-Fest –  January 28 & 29, 2011! For those that don’t know, B-Fest is practically the psychotronic Christmas – 24 hours straight of trashy flicks with only … Continue reading

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Rock in the House

Well, at least in the Basement.

We long ago gave a home to local filmmaker David “the Rock” Nelson on this website, and even though we’re still in the process of revamping the site we wanted to make sure you could still sample his special brand of kookness. So we set up a links page which at this point features only a link to his section of the site. Continue reading

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Sinister Cinema unearths Russian sci-fi

Just received the latest flyer in the mail from Sinister Cinema, the legendary video mail order label famous for making unknown or hard to find genre titles available during the first decade or so of the home video age.

Among the titles in their “25th Annual Bumper Crop” offerings available just in time for Halloween are a couple of rare Russian sci-fi epics. The Robots of Ripley (AKA Gibel Sensatsii – “Death of Sensation”) was long thought to be a 1935 adaptation of Karl Capek’s play R.U.R., for which the term “robot” was coined. Though this is not so, from Sinister’s description it sounds like a lot more fun! Continue reading

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