Review Archive: Gimme an A

Our original plan for the site reincarnation was to port over all the content from the old website as draft entries before publishing everything at once on ‘soft launch’ day, to be tweaked a bit before a big official public launch day.

Well, we gotta do everything the hard way. Turns out our archive of material is so massive and our workforce so small that it’d take until X-Day to get it all oh-so-perfect. So we are going ahead with publishing the archives a hunk at a time while pushing ahead with new material. Today we published a big bunch of reviews of movies that start with the letter ‘A’ – stay tuned for more alphabet lessons, Sesame Street fans!

When is this fabled Sloppy Launch going to happen? Watch for the announcement sooner than you think. Meanwhile, if you haven’t done so yet please join us on our Social Media thingamajigs:

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And keep watching the skies!

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