New psychotronic releases coming from VCI

VCI has announced a 2/1/2011 release date for several psychotronic titles on DVD.

Sisters of Death

They’ll be serving up the rare film noir thriller The Prowler, a Precode Hollywood Double Feature of Hell Harbor and Jungle Bride, and a big 12-flick set called VCI Scream Theater Cheap Chills Horror Marathon!

The marathon set includes:

  • Alice Sweet Alice
  • Beast of the Yellow Night
  • Beyond Atlantis
  • Death Game
  • Don’t Open the Door
  • House of the Living Dead
  • The Night Creature
  • Scream Bloody Murder
  • Sisters of Death
  • Twilight People
  • The Vampire Happening
  • Young Hannah: Queen of the Vampires

Most of these are available in single disc editions or multi-feature sets elsewhere, but this is a solid collection at an SRP of $14.99.

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