B-fest 2017 schedule line-up – exposed!

You will believe paper plates can fly!b-fest2017poster

The annual 24-hour marathon of trashfilm mess-terpieces return to Northwestern University this Friday! For the particulars, tune your viewscreens to www.b-fest.com . We will be attending and trying to outsmart the wi-fi and intermittently live tweet the whole shmear, so pay rapt attention to the hashgag #bfest and our Twitter account @PsychotronicMan .

If thou dost not want to know the B-fest schedule ahead of time, avert thine eyes! For LO, the spoiler is upon you!!




Here’s the 2017 B-Fest Lineup!

6:00 pm Hercules in New York sponsored by the West Side Five – Arnold Schwarzenegger meets Arnold Stang!

7:20 pm The Magic Sword sponsored by First Light of “Bob” Ministries – swordsman vs. evil sorcerer!

8:45 pm Bloodlust! Sponsored by Charles and Liz Fulton – Most Dangerous Game ’50s reboot!

10:00 pm Empire of the Ants sponsored by Sally Scheuermann – coming soon to a mall near you!

11:45 pm The Wizard of Speed and Time –  Short a speedy version!

12:00 am Plan 9 From Outer Space sponsored by Plans 1-8 (and, potentially, 10-Question Mark) – psychotronic ground zero!

1:30 am Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon sponsored by Harmon Industrial – see how the last dragon was trained!

3:30 am Battlefield Earth sponsored by The Cult of the Evil Dave Sheldon: Evil Dave is Watching You – it’s like an un-learning machine!

5:40 am Action Jackson sponsored by The Racine Guys – get some Action in the morning!

7:25 am Malibu Express sponsored by The KO Bros of New Jersey – Andy Sidaris thought Playboy would be better with lots of guns!

9:10 am BREAKFAST – get ready to complain that nothing’s open!

9:30 am The Gong Show Movie sponsored by Mitch O’Connell – who?!?

11:10 am Yongary, Monster from the Deep sponsored by Stomp Tokyo – and by Deep we mean Korea!

12:30 am LUNCH – breakfast’s Canada!

12:50 am RAFFLE – free stuff!

1:05 am Future Hunters sponsored by Wheel Tree Press – from Cirio H. Santiago, the master of cheap Filipino mindless violence!

2:50 am Creature with the Atom Brain – you can probably sponsor this cheap on your way in!

4:20 pm They Live! Sponsored by Dog House Drive-In – in which our leaders are secretly pervert aliens! Oops, spoiler!

B-Fest is an A&O Product

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