PFS shows to return in 2017!

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by Mike Flores

On January 1st a Chicago ordinance goes into effect which will allow the Psychotronic Film Society to return to clubs and bars The city had passed a rule that bars and clubs had to buy an entertainment license ( $5000) per year to allow live acts, film screenings, plays, etc. It pretty much destroyed the music scene in town- few new bands that charge $5 or less could bring in enough people to justify a $5000 license, and bars that did have bands couldn’t advertise them.

ThisĀ is why the last two public shows were at the 250 seat Maynestage Theater. The problem with all ages shows is you really don’t get to meet people and talk to anyone as there is too much work to be done. This is also true of the 400 seat movie theaters we did shows at. When we co-sponsored Rusty Nails 24 hour shows a few years in a row I had a table and saw him working non-stop during the entire time. I prefer sitting at a bar talking to folks who walk up.

One major change since the city stopped my plays and film society cold is that now celebrities do comic conventions all the time. We had Bill Murray, Robert De Niro, Sydney Pollock, Jamie Gertz, John Cleese because they flew in on their own dime to see what we were doing. I don’t expect that to repeat as the conventions pay people to show up.

I am mapping out a strategy to do bar parties again and an occasional all ages show for the money so will keep you posted. I am also working on a new play, THE WEDDING OF IRENE ADLER AND SHERLOCK HOLMES, a gender bender story. ( Sherlock was actually a woman’s name during the period the author wrote the books!) so 2017 is looking good!

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  1. Doug Teaney says:

    So, any news? I remember seeing a PFS Animation Festival at Metro a long time ago, and that was a blast. I’m single again, and the kids are self-maintaining, lol, so I’m looking to get back out there and enjoy some culture again.

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