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Twin Cities Psychotronic Film Societydemoni

The latest PFS has been given our blessing and they’ve already had our buddy David “The Rock” Nelson up for a special show. Now they’re ready for their first big event, a 35mm screening of DEMONS and NIGHTMARE CITY!

Yep, you can catch these two Italian horror grindhouse classics on the big theater screen! For details, check out their Facebook page here:


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B-fest 2017 schedule line-up – exposed!

You will believe paper plates can fly!b-fest2017poster

The annual 24-hour marathon of trashfilm mess-terpieces return to Northwestern University this Friday! For the particulars, tune your viewscreens to www.b-fest.com . We will be attending and trying to outsmart the wi-fi and intermittently live tweet the whole shmear, so pay rapt attention to the hashgag #bfest and our Twitter account @PsychotronicMan .

If thou dost not want to know the B-fest schedule ahead of time, avert thine eyes! For LO, the spoiler is upon you!! Continue reading

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PFS shows to return in 2017!

Goin’ to the show!poster-4s2
by Mike Flores

On January 1st a Chicago ordinance goes into effect which will allow the Psychotronic Film Society to return to clubs and bars The city had passed a rule that bars and clubs had to buy an entertainment license ( $5000) per year to allow live acts, film screenings, plays, etc. It pretty much destroyed the music scene in town- few new bands that charge $5 or less could bring in enough people to justify a $5000 license, and bars that did have bands couldn’t advertise them. Continue reading

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Herschell Gordon Lewis Feast (Blu-ray box set)

Gruesome Seventeensomehglfeast

The release of this 17-disc retrospective box set, especially arriving the month following the pioneering filmmaker’s death, brings on insistent waves of nostalgia. It may seem odd to apply the word “nostalgia” to material that includes scenes of bloody dismemberment and mutilation, but there it is all the same. Continue reading

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October Chicago marathon of marathons

A Halloween Massacre Box?798375-250

Last weekend I was in a packed house at the Music Box Theater for their annual Music Box of Horrors event, a 24-hour marathon of horror films. The parade of terrors was spiced with personal appearances by directors (Gary Sherman, Jim Muro) accompanying screenings of their films (Deathline and Street Trash, respectively), along with a variety of vendors in the lobby and lounge, and food trucks set up outside.

Next weekend, October 22-23, I’ll find myself in similar circumstances at The Massacre, another 24-hour horror movie marathon presented by Terror in the Aisles at the Patio Theater. In addition to an excellent program of films, there will be a great collection of vendors, food, live music, giveaways and personal appearances. Continue reading

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Shin Godzilla [Resurgence]

A monster for our time

shing1The worldwide success of the American-made Godzilla (2014), Japan’s Toho Studios to respond with yet another Godzilla film of their own. The result is one of the most unique films ever made, both a remake of the 1954 original and refreshingly new take that defies genre classification.

The film adheres to the basic formula of a gigantic creature from the sea spawned by radiation wading ashore to destroy Tokyo, but from there veers into several new directions. The most prominent mission of the film is to satirically illustrate the fragility of modern society, and specifically Japanese society. Japan has suffered a series of natural and manmade disasters in recent years, and the government has faced harsh criticism for its shortcomings in reacting to each crisis. The appearance of the threat – significantly first appearing as a Kubrickean shower of blood flooding an undersea tunnel – is met with a hilarious flurry of inaction, with the prime minister (the legendary Ren Osugi) and cabinet scurrying from on meeting room to another to wrestler with civic, economic, legal and political issues raised by the unprecedented event. Continue reading

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Gimme a D!

Dracula-1Hi! Just a quick note to tell you we have finally/again made progress in posting content from our old site. Now available are Movie Madness reviews starting with the letter ‘D’.

Hoping we can continue getting our archives back online. Enjoy!

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Definitive Blood Bath coming from Arrow Video

blood-bath-movie-poster-1966-1020197319If you’re a reader of Video Watchdog magazine (and if not you should be), you may recall one of their defining articles was editor Tim Lucas’ 3-part article “Operation Titian”, which traced the evolution of multiple versions of a film produced by Roger Corman. A newly edited and expanded version of that article is included on Arrow Video’s new 2-disc release of Blood Bath, plus a lot more. This release also includes three other versions of the film, Portrait in Terror, Track of the Vampire, and Operation Titian.

For full details and to order follow this link.

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B-fest 2014 line-up (spoilers)

Annual mid-B-fest attraction

Annual mid-B-fest attraction

We are proud to represent the Psychotronic Film Society (original Chicago chapter) at the annual B-fest 24-hour schlockarama again this year.

Go to www.b-fest.com for more details.

We have the latest line-up right here under the break: Continue reading

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Creature’s girlfriend coming to Patio in 3-D!

From our friends at Sci-Fi Spectacular:

JULIE ADAMS, the star of CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON is coming to Chicago for her first ever Chicago appearance with Creature From The Black Lagoon (Sept.28, Patio Theater) in 35mm with 3D glasses. Continue reading

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