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Sinister Cinema unearths Russian sci-fi

Just received the latest flyer in the mail from Sinister Cinema, the legendary video mail order label famous for making unknown or hard to find genre titles available during the first decade or so of the home video age.

Among the titles in their “25th Annual Bumper Crop” offerings available just in time for Halloween are a couple of rare Russian sci-fi epics. The Robots of Ripley (AKA Gibel Sensatsii – “Death of Sensation”) was long thought to be a 1935 adaptation of Karl Capek’s play R.U.R., for which the term “robot” was coined. Though this is not so, from Sinister’s description it sounds like a lot more fun! Continue reading

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Bond is back – 007 strikes Gold again In the 1960s, James Bond movies represented the height of hipness and sophistication in pop entertainment. Sean Connery’s portrayal of Ian Fleming’s super secret agent appealed to just about everybody. Men wanted … Continue reading

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