Skyline on DVD/Blu-ray

Lost horizon

This ambitious sci-fi thriller had the earmarks of a surefire hit. It’s an alien invasion epic with lots of scary monsters, explosions and battles, spiced with a few fresh ideas and served via excellent special effects work. It’s the brainchild of Chicago-born brothers Colin and Greg Strause, who designed f/x for 300, Avatar, 2012, and lots of other big effects pictures. So, why did it disappear so quickly from theaters after opening last November? Continue reading

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Free screenings of latest Coffin Joe flick!

The latest film from Brazil’s horror maestro Jose Mojica Marins, Embodiment of Evil, will be shown for FREE in Ohio and New York this week, courtesy of Synapse Films: Continue reading

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Fox joins ‘On-Demand’ DVD with psychotronic titles

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment brings classic film lovers and cult movie fans twenty new films to DVD this month utilizing its “manufacturing on demand” program, including some great psychotronic titles.

These discs are recorded in limited quantities unless orders exceed stock, at which point more are made to fill orders. The discs include no extras, but allow fans to get films from the archives which might not otherwise be available. Continue reading

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Psychotronic king Dave Friedman dead at 87

Another psychotronic icon has succumbed to heart failure this month. We’re not near done mourning the passing of Tura Satana, and now we’ve learned of the death on Monday of exploitation legend David F. Friedman, producer of Blood Feast and many other mind-bending trash classics.

The New York Times obit does a fine job of summarizing Friedman’s impressive career. For more in-depth reading, we highly recommend Friedman’s autobiography A Youth in Babylon: Confessions of a Trash-Film King.

Unfortunately, Friedman was unable to complete the sequel to this book. But as with all departed psychotronic icons, we’ll always have their films to enjoy. Here’s our review of an exemplary Friedman film, She Freak.

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Sc-Fi Spectacular 5 announced

PFS member Rusty Nails has announced the FIFTH big science fiction movie marathon at the Music Box Theatre. Here is the scoop:

Movieside Presents:
Sci-Fi Spectacular 5

March 19, 2011

Music Box Theatre
3733 N. Southport Ave.,
Chicago, IL

Noon ’til Late. Doors Open At 11am.

Special Guest Mick Garris
(director of Critters 2, The Stand, Sleepwalkers, creator of Masters of Horror series!) Continue reading

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Goodbye Tura Satana

Official press obits and fan reaction to the death of psychotronic icon Tura Satana flew all

Satana and co-stars in Faster Pussycat!

over the internet this weekend, including on our Facebook page. Satana died Friday night of heart failure in Reno, NV, according to her manager.

Naturally, Tura – as the star of such classics as Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! and Astro Zombies – has always been a big favorite of the PFS. Continue reading

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B-fest 2011 is coming!

And we’re helping with the insanity

Mighty Peking Man!

Coming soon! The Psychotronic Film Society is proud to announce that we will once again be a sponsor of B-fest – the world’s greatest 24-hour B-movie trashfest marathon!

This year’s line-up was announced last weekend and it looks like another great one: Continue reading

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Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer DVD

Sony Wonder distributed this classic Christmas TV special on DVD in 1999, but since then they’ve released new versions with updated graphics, animated menus, and a few extra features.

One of these is a filmed introduction by co-producer Arthur Rankin, who gives a bit of intriguing behind scenes information, and a lot of dull analysis. The idea for Rudolph began with a song by Johnny Marks, which became a huge hit for singing cowboy Gene Autry. Rankin touches briefly on the Rankin-Bass Studios’ affiliation with the Japanese, and doesn’t mention at all that the Fleischer Studios produced a very nice cartoon short based on the song in 1944. He does spend a lot of time commenting on the complete story, complete with clips, completely spoiling it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet. Continue reading

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Review Archive: Gimme a B

That’s right. In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve published reviews from our archives all the way through those movies starting with ‘B’.


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Coffin Joe returns!

After 40 years, Brazilian filmmaker Jose Mojica Marins returned to the horror character that made him an icon in his own country – and a cult legend throughout the world decades later. In Embodiment of Evil, Marins brought back Coffin Joe, the sadistic megalomaniac intent on finding the perfect woman to bear his son.

Continue reading

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