Backwoods Marcy

One Maniac!

A shot-on-video rural horror thriller, starring and produced by Dawn Murphy and David Lee, directed by Murphy and Dave Castigleone.

On his way to business meeting in the deep sticks, real estate agent Donald Jenkins (Lee) goes astray. He has casual sex with a randy hitch-hiker, who leads him away from his destination. Then a toothless hillbilly girl (Murphy) takes him deeper into the woods. Backtracking, he accidentally runs her down, but Marcy survives to further terrorize him. Out of gas and out of luck, Lee is tracked down and held captive by the feral female.

It all works in a kind of low-budget Deliverance or The Hills Have Eyes way, despite suffering from great technical deficiencies. Marcy follows in the footsteps of the once-thriving hillbilly horror sub-genre, with the noteworthy difference of a gender role reversal. The ’80s style synth-rock of Shock Wave dominates the uneven sound mix, which had me reaching for the volume control every few minutes. Lee, and especially Murphy (in a dual role) are pretty good, when you can decipher their dialogue. There’s even some imaginative camera work.

A good bet for those who enjoy good old fashioned “You in a heap of trouble, city boy” cheap thrills.

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