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Rock in the House

Well, at least in the Basement.

We long ago gave a home to local filmmaker David “the Rock” Nelson on this website, and even though we’re still in the process of revamping the site we wanted to make sure you could still sample his special brand of kookness. So we set up a links page which at this point features only a link to his section of the site. Continue reading

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I Scream Social

Say, I hear there’s this new thing on the interwebs called “social media.” Now that it’s not cool, we’re getting in on it. Join our new Facebook group here! Follow our Twitter tweets here.

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B-fest 2007

MADNESS INCARNATE!! The B-Fest has its own website! For the latest info, go to On Friday, January 26 – Saturday, January 27, starting at 6:00 PM, A&O Film Board will once again host their annual 24-hour B-movie marathon at … Continue reading

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Herschell Gordon Lewis – The Godfather of Gore!

PFS’s Mike Flores interviews a horror legend A Chicagoan who changed the way film portrays violence is Herschell Gordon Lewis.  Yes, the Godfather of Gore is back!  His films — Two Thousand Maniacs, She-Devils on Wheels, The Wizard of Gore and … Continue reading

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