Upcoming P-flicks screenings

You better watch out - Rare Exports

Here’s a couple of notes on locally playing psychotronic films of note to note.

Santa as monster? See what happens when an ancient being is freed from an icy prison to wreak havoc inĀ , a cracked Finnish flick playing at the Music Box starting Dec. 24.

The Music Box programmers display their twisted sense of humor as well by screening The Poseidon Adventure on New Year’s Eve. More twisted upcoming pics at the Box include Christmas on Mars, Eraserhead, Maniac, El Topo, The Room and Gregg Araki’s Kaboom. Check out their full calendar here.

Meanwhile at the Portage Theater they’re hosting Terror in the Aisles 7 this Friday (Dec. 3) with a salute to the original Day of the Dead and the US premieres of Black Death and If A Tree Falls. Plus shorts, trailers and more – you can order tickets online here.

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