An American Werewolf in Paris

A Canine Francé

This sequel to John Landis’ An American Werewolf in London uses none of the same characters, but many of the same situations and folklore.

Tom Everett Scott (That Thing You Do) and his two buddies are vacationing students in Europe. One night they sneak up the Eiffel Tower for some daredevil antics, but end up saving the life of a suicidal Julie Delpy, who turns out to be a mad scientist’s daughter and werewolf. Scott becomes infected himself and teams up with Delpy to try to find a cure, while battling a gang of Nazi werewolves with a taste for American flesh.

The animated monsters are more interesting than scary, but a light and lively pace is kept up throughout with quite a few new twists on werewolf lore thrown in. The real problem with this is that, unlike the original, no real effort is made to make the leads sympathetic. They’re just introduced as three typical dopes, no different from the leads in any teen comedy. They could be Canadian for all we know.

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