Sorry for the post-Halloween slowdown – been upgrading our workstation and doing general clean-up chores. Will be making it up to you soon.

Meanwhile, we’re curious how many of you out there have some kind of Blu-ray Disc player. Way back when I was writing a weekly DVD Shopping List column for Mania (soon to return here in some form), I was an early champion of the Blu format over HD-DVD – and it looks like I won! When I actually got a player in the house, we fell in love with it.

If you’ve made the videodisc upgrade, or if you have a comment on the subject, please post your thoughts below. There are likely to be BD giveaways here starting in the near future and we’d like to find out how many entries we’re likely to get. Plus, we have a DVD giveaway planned even sooner.

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3 Responses to Maintanenance…

  1. Mike Flores says:

    I love the BluRay! Mostly because its so easy to watch my Psychotronic YouTube channel on it. I now have access to thousands of films, more music videos and trailers far beyond the 2000 plus videos I had before (and got tired of moving). My collection is now far bigger, but takes up zero room!

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