Rock in the House

Well, at least in the Basement.

We long ago gave a home to local filmmaker David “the Rock” Nelson on this website, and even though we’re still in the process of revamping the site we wanted to make sure you could still sample his special brand of kookness. So we set up a links page which at this point features only a link to his section of the site.

What the heck, we’ll even save you the trouble of clicking over there by putting the link here, too.

For more on Rocky, don’t miss the documentary The Rock: Ed Wood of the 21st Century.

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2 Responses to Rock in the House

  1. Brian Thomas says:

    BTW, links to reviews will be updated as we fill in the dB.


  2. “FANG” you, I ean, Thank you, Brian at “PsychoTronic Film Society” for putting up this new link! This is especially helpful as the new website( got “hacked-into” by hijackers. I posted this new page on my Facebook page, to be seen by all my “Fiends”friends) & Fans(or “air-conditioners”??? “Heeh”)! Your “Fiend”, ROCK! “Monster” Movie-Maker/actor, former Marine Corporal, boxer(& still doing “Natural” body-building at age “55” & counting), etc. -David ROCK Nelson. “Fiend” me & be my “Fiend” on Facebook!

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