Another Day, Another Man

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Another pure product of its time is Another Day, Another Man, shot with much of the same cast and locations as Bad Girls. Steve (Rod Reagan) has news for his wife Ann (Barbie Kemp, spelled “Kenmp” in the credits) — he got a raise! Now Ann can afford to leave her office job (which doesn’t allow married women!) and live together. But they can’t celebrate, as Ann has promised to talk to her roommate Tess (June Roberts), a tough mobster’s girl. Tess gets paid to “entertain” any man her boyfriend Bert (Sam Stewart) tells her to.

Steve carries Ann across the threshold of their new tacky furnished apartment, being careful not to muss her sky-high beehive. The couple is sickeningly happy in their horribly decorated new home. Wishman’s easily distracted camera gets a workout browsing the dreadful decor spread throughout this picture.

Meanwhile, Bert has been working on seducing the Dessime twins, Darla and Daisy, into his harem. The twins are portrayed by Rita and Darlene Bennett, real twins who for some reason rarely appeared in the same film.

Gigi Darlene again plays a girl named Meg, this time a sweet young thing that Bert picks up at the bus station. He drops her at the twins’ apartment, and Meg is on her way to becoming a prostitute, too. This doesn’t go over too well with her fiancee John. When John returns to apologize, he succumbs to the attack of the sex-crazy twins.

With the twins too busy to come to work, Bert finds himself short of girls. Fortunately, Steve gets sick with a mysterious movie disease, probably from looking at the awful wallpaper. Ann needs to make some money fast, and finds Bert’s offer of easy cash too hard to resist. Things go well enough, until a fed up and impregnated Tess drops a dime on the operation, leading to a hilariously tragic ending. I don’t want to give it away, but it involves a fake mustache and sunglasses, and is at least a bit more original than that of Bad Girls.

Like all Something Weird DVDs, Bad Girls Go To Hell/Another Day Another Man opens with one of their terrific montages. The disc has a nicely designed menu with a drive-in theme. As usual, Something Weird has done an excellent job with the transfers — though one should take into account that these films were shot on 16mm short-ends 35 years ago. Doris Wishman regrets losing the video rights to her films, and unfortunately won’t cooperate by recording commentary tracks, which is a shame. To make up for it SWV has loaded up the disc with other extras.

There’s a short Michael and Helga pitching sex instruction books that was shown in drive-ins circa 1970. There are three different intermission countdown “clocks”, a collection of short concessions ads counting down to showtime. There’s also a Doris Wishman Gallery of Exploitation Art, which cycles (a bit too quickly) through posters and ad mats for some of Wishman’s movies.

The hyperbolic trailers for Wishman movies were often a lot more fun than the actual features. Included here are ads for Bad Girls Go to Hell, the perverted voodoo film Indecent Desires, A Taste of Flesh, Another Day, Another Man, My Brother’s Wife, and Too Much Too Often.

A “Let’s Go to the Drive-In” feature is advertised as being interactive, but merely combines some of the drive-in shorts and trailers into a half hour show. However, hidden at the end is a trailer for one of Wishman’s most outrageous films, The Amazing Transplant.

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