Tales From the Crypt: Bordello of Blood

House of the Setting Sun

Will somebody tell this Whoopi Goldburg how to pick a script? Her summer basketball comedy Eddie turned out to be an airball, while the expensive Theodore Rex was relegated to a vid release. I haven’t caught her latest starring vehicle, but with a title like Bogus (and a co-star like Gerard Depardue playing a pixie), aren’t they just asking for it? Meanwhile, Whoopi does her HBO pals a “favor” by showing up in a quick and unfunny cameo in the second Tales from the Crypt feature film.

In Bordello of Blood, Dennis Miller carries the whole show as a wisecracking PI who tries to save Erika Elaniak’s perfect behind from the clutches of the title stronghold of vampire hookers. Returning director Gilbert Adler and a blood crystal thingmabob provide the only connection to the previous installment in this surprisingly gory series. Fun stuff, but the thoroughly illogical ending kinda ruins things. Corey Feldman (Lost Boys) and Chris Sarandon (Fright Night) make a fine return to nosferaterritory, but as the queen of the undead, model Angie Everheart is so wooden she practically stakes herself.

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