The Crier on VHS

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Glynn Beard produced, directed and acts in this low budget thriller inspired the legend of La Llarona – the Crying Woman.

Estranged from his wife, the obsessed Beard visits an old witch to obtain a love potion to win her back. The witch gives him a perfume containing the tears of La Llarona. The potion works, and the happy couple invites her friends for a celebratory weekend at their California ranch. In between lengthy scenes of psychodrama, the Crying Woman begins to pick off the guests one by one. There’s a “surprise” ending, but the murders don’t make any sense.

There’s not really enough meat to this story for a full feature, but Margaret Francis’ script manages to fill up the time with talk. I’m always glad to see a film that features fully drawn characters and realistic dialogue, but there’s really no reason for us to get involved in a lot of soap opera here. Everybody’s got a story to tell and we’re not spared a single dull detail.

Beard has directing (if not acting) talent, and he does a lot with what he’s given, but this would work a lot better as a short. As it is, it reminds me way too much of an Andy Milligan picture.

The Crier is available from EI Independent Cinema and comes on a nifty white cassette.

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