We moved the Psychotronic Store!

Foe Sale!

Those of you that know that the Psychotronic Film Society has had a store on ebay for years may have been wondering where it went the past few months.

Well, to put it briefly, we went on ‘vacation’ and never came back. Our apologies go out to any of you who have been annoyed or inconvenienced in our absence. While we were moving we took the store down because it might have become difficult (very) to find items sold among the boxes. But when the time came to reopen the store we found that we have been more and more dissatisfied with ebay and their policies.

And after some experimentation, we decided that the pastures are much greener over on Amazon. We’ll miss some things about ebay and paypal, but we’ve found that our test listing have sold more quickly and painlessly on Amazon.

And don’t forget to tell us that we sent ya!

UPDATE: Well, that was in 2012. By 2014, Amazon suspended our account. Numerous inquiries brought forth absolutely┬áNO REASON for the suspension, and no answer as to whether the account can be reinstated. Apparently, Amazon’s internal systems are a mystery even to Amazon employees. So, although the store is STILL online, there is no way for us to even delete the stock that is still in the listings.


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