Crimson Pig

Plane Crazy Porky

Japan’s anime master Hayoa Miyazaki loves airplanes, especially vintage aircraft. He showed this inclination in his earlier features Laputa and Kiki’s Delivery Service, but her he let’s his obsession take center stage.

Crimson Pig is about a World War I flying ace named Marco Rosso that, due to a mysterious curse, now resembles a pig. This lends a Beauty and the Beast subplot to his adventures due to his unrequited love for night club chanteuse Gina. But even more than Gina, Marco loves his bright red airplane (Freudians take note). Taking the role of a bounty hunter, he’s the terror of the Adriatic, rescuing damsels and making life tough for pirates. That is, until the pirates hire an American ace to go gunning for the pig.

Though a bit mired in nostalgia, this is yet another wonder from Miyazaki, an artist unafraid of letting the pictures speak for themselves.

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