Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie

Hai Kiba!

I’m one of those who hated this show – until I actually saw it. If you haven’t sampled it on cable (or the cut-down syndie version), here’s your chance to see the funniest show on TV – in a theater. 

It’s just like the TV show, only bigger. And Tom Servo says two cuss words, just to earn a PG-13 (which isn’t as shocking as his revealed “collection”). Some folks are a-quibbling that their chosen experiment, This Island Earth, isn’t acceptable as a “bad movie” really (and in the end, they even admit that it’s not so bad), but I’m of the opinion that the movie doesn’t have to be bad to be on MST3k. I’d love to see them do Citizen Kane. I am a little peeved that they cut it, though – the movie’s actually shorter than the TV show.

BTW, has anybody seen The TV Wheel?

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