Cemetery Man

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Aka: Dellamorte Dellamore. Argento protégé Michelle Soavi steps firmly out from the maestro’s shadow with this 1994 exploration of the macabre black comedy he’d only hinted at in his previous films.

It’s about the keeper of the Buffalora Cemetery (played by Rupert Everett, who inspired the look of the original comic character on which this is based), where the dead don’t stay put, and he has to routinely put them back. This odd existence naturally starts to play tricks on his mind. He falls in love with a startlingly gorgeous young woman, only to lose her, then get her back, then lose her…

Featuring some breathtakingly beautiful sequences, some primo splatter, and plenty of startling surrealism, it’s like a collaboration of George Romero and David Lynch. Why does it feel so darn good to again see a movie where cannibal zombies get shot in the head?

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