Desperate Measures

Doesn’t Measure Up

Sony checks off another item from their list of generic thriller titles with this somewhat generic thriller from director Barbet Schroeder (Single White Female).

Michael Keaton plays a vicious killer who has the only compatible bone marrow needed to save the life of police detective Andy Garcia’s sick kid. Of course, after he makes a deal to become the donor, Keaton ingeniously escapes. Mayhem ensues as Garcia tries to recapture Keaton while trying to protect the criminal from trigger-happy fellow coppers.

While some of the action elements seem forced (why is everyone in these flicks an expert stunt driver?), the plot is clever and hangs together well. But the acting really carries the show. Keaton proves that he is just as adept at playing supervillains as superheroes. And Garcia, who I’ve described in the past as unlikeable, actually registers well here. Maybe it’s because his dilemma is so intriguing, maybe he’s getting better as he gets older.

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