Deep Rising

Not Too Deep

A gang of pirates with a cargo of missiles hires Treat Williams’ ship to rob a ridiculously luxurious new passenger ship. Before they can get to it, the cruise ship is attacked by monstrous, slimy Graboids from 20,000 Fathoms.

Here we have a picture that tries to mix the campy thrills of Anaconda and Titanic, with results as uneven as both. It’s all painted with such a broad brush by director Stephen Sommers that you know you’re in for a distinctly illogical ride from the very start. Williams’ sea captain is given to uttering thriller clich├ęs every time he opens his mouth, so it’s difficult to take him seriously. Wes Studi, as the pirate leader, is so stoic that you hardly realize he’s evil. Treat’s whiny mechanic Kevin J. O’Connor is alternately annoying and endearing. Djimon Hansou has another troubled voyage. And even though Famke Janssen (GoldenEye), with her mix of beauty, intelligence and athleticism, shows great potential as an action film star, she still looks like an out-of-place decoration in these surroundings.

The monsters (or is it monster) are lively and ferocious, and the splatter is plentiful – but somehow the f/x all have a cheap, cartoonish look that rarely makes the menace completely satisfying.

This is an enjoyable but forgettable monster movie, capable of providing a decent number of thrills and laughs, as long as you don’t ask too many intelligent questions.

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